At my age, you would think I would have figured out my career aspirations long ago.  I’ve had my share of job titles over the years as a Court Reporter, Judicial Secretary, Paralegal, Support Staff Supervisor, Singer, Public Relations Director.  I’ve gained alot of insight, both good and bad, in each position I have held.  I’ve learned alot about the world and alot about different types of people.  But none of the above jobs have made me feel like “this is it, this is my career!”

Though I’m not quick to put a label on myself, I’ve narrowed my career aspirations down to two things, both of which I plan to pursue; 1. Singing, 2. Social Work.  I tend to think better outside of the box, and I’ve always felt like whatever I do I will end up being self employed.

As a singer, public relations will continue to come in handy as I build relationships and network with my fans and with other musicians who come through town on music tours.  I will use PR skills both in face to face contact and through social media networking to brand myself and my original music in hopes that some day it will be known on some level in the music world.  Even though the research part of PR is my least favorite aspect, the importance of knowing everything I can possibly know about the music industry and promoting my product will be a valuable asset in my future endeavours.

Because I am smart enough to know that success in the music business is about as realistic as winning the lottery, I will continue studying to become an MSW Social Worker.  As a social worker, my success in building and maintaining a client base will be contingent on both possessing great social work skills and implementing excellent public relations skills in the community on a regular basis.  This will be especially important because I plan to open a private practice or start up some sort of assistance program that will be of value to the community and its people.  Everything I’ve learned about planning, researching, communing, reaching diverse audiences, ethics, working for non-profits, personal branding, firm life versus corporate life, and yes, even putting together the PR plan book will be relevant materials and useful tools I will carry with me on my quest for a  successful future.