When I first started this PR class I felt like I had a good grasp on what it meant to be  a public relations professional.  As a singer having worked with many musicians I knew that developing relationships and networking is the number one way to connect and achieve success in the business.  Connecting with people both on and off stage has taught me a lot about the importance of public relations.  In a cut throat scene full of drama and gossip, developing and maintaining your image is important, but possessing good damage control skills is even more important and can make or break your band/music career.

So I brought my prior experiences into the classroom with me.  What I hadn’t realized was the many differences between being a good at personal PR, versus being a PR professional.  It’s no joke that a good PR professional possesses additional skills and stressors I hadn’t even considered.

Going through the process of putting together a PR Plan Book has been a very eye opening experience.  The first thing I learned is that research is a big part of the PR profession.  Researching is very important to putting together a successful plan for a client.  This is not my forte.  For whatever reason, I found that the ideas in my head did not translate easily into the research process.  This is probably due to the fact that I haven’t had to perform academic research in more years than I care to share, but the PR research process really put me in a negative state of mind toward the plan book and brought new light to the PR profession.

Another thing I learned was how time consuming and nerve wracking the networking process is.   This is a very essential part of being a PR pro, and although I have no problem getting up in front of hundreds of people to perform musically, I find myself very nervous going through the  one on one networking experience.  In addition, as a mother of 3 children who are all involved in after school activities it became clear to me that working long days and networking after hours would not be conducive to family life which is currently my biggest priority.

I’ve learned that the PR profession involves a lot of writing and I do love to write.  However my preference for songwriting and journal writing are much different than that of writing for public relations.

So the opinions that I walked into this class with 3 months ago have definitely been modified.  I will walk away from this class with a different understanding and a new found respect for the PR profession knowing it is not quite as simple as I once thought it to be.