Would I rather work for myself or for someone else?  Would I be happier starting my own business (Public Relations (PR) firm or otherwise), or do I need the benefits, structure, and stability of an established organization?  These are question I often ponder…

When I think about solo PR I think of very long days working by myself, going crazy networking and marketing my business, hoping to land enough clients to earn enough income so that I can cover all of my business expenses and pay taxes.   In addition, as a solo PR professional I’d be handling all of the administrative aspects that go into running a business on my own, and I’d be working hard at branding myself into something legitimate in the PR and business community.  Then there’s the fact that I’d be putting my kids in childcare after they get out of school so that I could go to networking events and finalize projects that have been pushed to the eleventh hour.   And maybe somewhere in all of that my family and I would have enough time and money to recoup the loss of time and money I spent becoming a solo PR professional.

When I think about solo PR, I think it is probably not for me.

A recent study found that 1 in 10 independent contractors would not return to a traditional job if given the opportunity (Crane, 2012).  This is likely because as an independent contractor (or solo PR professional) you are free to create your own dress code, work schedule, and income.  Those are great perks considering in a traditional job you are expected to follow the rules and schedules of the office.  Speaking of income, research has found  the average freelance salary was $68,000 versus $46,800 average income in the U.S. (PR Web, 2011).

Although money talks and the perks of being an independent contractor do sound inviting, they still wouldn’t be enough to make me want to work as a solo PR professional at this stage in my life.

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